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Settings for design, menu layout, background, icon, logo and navigation bar


Give your corporate app the look that suits it. Make adjustments here to make the design the same as your existing corporate presence.


Background Image, Icon and Logo - The image elements shown and deposited here represent the most distinctive design elements of your app. Through these elements, you give your app a distinctive look. Replace all these elements with customized variants before sharing your app with your customers and fans.

The illustrations represent a scaled-down version of the original image. Clicking on each image will enlarge it.

The "Upload" button opens a dialog window for uploading a new image. Optionally, only one color can be specified. While the dialog window is displayed, you will learn more about the allowed resolutions and image formats of the respective image.

Design - Your app can be further customized to match the color of your corporate identity via a selection of ready-made design templates. Select a suitable template or make a choice between a light and dark design or accent color. A reduced representation of the color composition is automatically displayed. Clicking on the image will also enlarge it.

Menu Layout & Co. - In addition to the list view with optional icon, the main menu can also be provided with a pure icon design.

Menu layout & Co. -> Permanent hamburger menu, lower icon bar etc. - For a better overview, the main menu can also be integrated as a lateral Hineinschieben bar. Optionally, hiding the menu items on the main view is possible to implement a different design of the app.

Background, navigation bar, etc. - Optionally, the navigation bar can be hidden & fade in, as well as deposit a separate background image.

DesignPlus - Your plus in individuality in the appearance

By activating DesignPlus, many new customization options become visible in the design area. You can find out more on the corresponding info page.

For advanced users - details on exact resolutions:

Basically, the system tries to work out the optimal possibilities from the uploaded image material. To submit images in higher resolution is of greater advantage here.

In the following, you will find out the exact pixel dimensions in order to achieve an optimal result:

Start screen and background: 640 × 1096 pixels for 16: 9 smartphones such as the iPhone 5. For smaller screen sizes, this will be centered.
App Icon: 114 × 114 pixels
App Icon (for an additional release in the Play & AppStore): 1024 × 1024 pixels
App Logo: 400 × 200 pixels (Will be adjusted according to the pixel density of the smartphone)
Menu item icon: 256 × 256 pixels