Our Partner & Affiliate Program

Welcome to AppConfector partner program

You use the product yourself, are enthusiastic and want to recommend it to other innovative people? Or you want to create a lucrative side income and do something good at the same time?

Your nine good reasons for participating in our partner program

Our partner program is non-binding

Your participation in our partner program is free of charge. There are no minimum sales, no membership fees, no fine print, no hooks or loopholes.

25% to 35% revenue share - Recurring & Lifetime!

There is 25% revenue share on all purchases and subscription payments at the time of initial purchase and thereafter as well. As lifetime commissions.
After 30 successful sales, we increase the participation to 35% on all subsequent newly recruited sales.

Additional 25% participation
from new partners

A further 25% share of sales from the basic share mentioned is then given for life for each customer acquired, who in turn becomes a sales partner via our automated approach and recommends the products to others.

Advance information on new products via our exclusive distribution list

As a partner, you will be informed about new products and interesting enhancements directly and in advance by e-mail via our exclusive partner distribution list. In this way, you can report promptly on new smart functions and convince other interested parties of the product.

180 days cookie lifetime + X and across devices

Normally, we provide tracking for 180 days. However, if prospects have already created your app, then the duration is extended beyond that. And that's even across devices, regardless of whether your prospect creates his app via desktop and later makes the purchase via his cell phone.

Over 1000+ satisfied and returning customers

We have been active in the German-speaking market since 2010/11 and have already won many thousands of satisfied customers for our products and app packages. Among them are well-known companies like Vodafone, MAN and Wincor Nixdorf.

A low cancellation rate
of less than 3%

Our products have a proven cancellation rate of less than 3% - this speaks for the quality of AppConfector on the one hand, and on the other hand you can be sure that you will profit from the majority of your conversions in the long run!

Complete processing via DigiStore24

We run our affiliate program through DigiStore, one of the world's largest digital product distribution companies. Your commissions are therefore guaranteed to be reported correctly and paid on time. DigiStore also supports you with detailed real-time tracking.

Reliable and proven technology

Unlike other affiliate programs, our websites are hosted on multiple servers and secured with the help of modern measures. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your visitors suddenly being scared away by an error message on one of our websites.

What is the objective of this partner program?

We believe in the necessity of a digital presence in the form of apps for every company, whether for customer acquisition or for the future automation of many different processes. As our future sales partner, we want to provide you with incentives to bring these added values and opportunities that lie with the big trend topic far out into the world.

What else can you benefit from as a partner in the future?

In the coming months, the topic will be supplemented by many more smart products and services, so that your sales potential will multiply. On the one hand through easier onboarding of prospects, on the other hand through sustainable knowledge transfer, so that customers also stay on the wave of success with your app in the long term and get the best out of your mobile presence.

You want to become a partner now? It only takes a few steps to do so:

  1. Just click on the right button.
  2. Register an account with DigiStore24 for free or connect to an existing one.
  3. Then confirm the email to access our exclusive mailing list.
  4. From the email more information and the personal advertising link.
  5. Distribute the link to the application in the future on your own website, by e-mail or in other public media.

For recruited customers who subsequently buy, the payout is transparently displayed and paid out via DigiStore24. The new customers in turn automatically receive the reference to this partner program and can thus contribute to further sales for you in the future.