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DSGVO - data protection or not - your app is ready.

With the new DSGVO applicable throughout Europe, there are some changes that need to be taken into account in the further use. We have been working feverishly over the last few weeks to integrate these as far as possible without any additional work for you.

The fact is that you should not fall into panic mode, because the new legislation, despite all the proclamations, by definition does not allow any waves of warnings. In addition, there is the fact that the changes that are currently being implemented, will only be confirmed in the future by appropriate legal judgments or procedures, in practice. So appropriate and safe procedures (best practices) will only emerge in the future.

But now to the following changes. These have been published and are already available.

  • Our Terms of Use will be modified to reflect the new requirements.
  • A AV addendum (formerly ADV contract, ADV stands for commissioned data processing) required for you will be provided electronically. A handwritten version is no longer required.
  • The AV addendum is firmly linked with the consent of the GTC, thus automatically finds its legal validity. Further steps are not required with you on this view.
  • If necessary and depending on your company-wide regulations, you can optionally request a separate electronically signed AV addition from us.
  • The previous data protection regulations are also adapted and provided in a new version.

The following changes will result for you from the use of the product and thus the provision of your app(s):

  • All existing and already deposited by you in the past imprint information, will now be displayed more obviously under the eponymous term within the app top right.
  • In addition, there is a broad and standardized privacy policy, which legally ensures the processing of your data with regard to us as a processor and covers many conceivable cases.
  • All input fields such as forms, appointments, survey and contact request fields can refer to it by reference if necessary.

The changes listed here are necessary measures that we can implement within our technical capabilities for you. On the one hand, these do not constitute legal advice and unfortunately do not exempt you from further DSGVO measures that you must take within your company.

We hope we were able to help you with this and are grateful for any feedback and additions.