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Why and why does my app have an app address?

The apps you create with us correspond by definition to the so-called Progressive Web Apps. These types of apps are modern and extremely forward-thinking

They combine the traditional capabilities of a native app, in terms of interactivity and excellent user experience, with the advantages of a mobile website in the area of fast usability, reach and findability on all search engines.

A PWA, also abbreviated, so-called, no longer relies on the Store as a distribution channel. Such apps can now be distributed much more easily on the worldwide web, just like a traditional website.

For this purpose, all PWAs also receive a unique Internet address, just like an Internet page. Just as you know it from or, for example, your app also has such an address.

Where can I find my current app address?

You can find it in the administration at any time in the header area at the top left next to the logo. In this case, it is


With this address, the app is thus almost always directly accessible via any search line on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

If you previously had to search for the name of the app first in the AppStore apps on the smartphone and hope that users find you directly in the first place, this is always a given with the address.

My app will also be listed in the search engines!


If users enter the address incorrectly, this is not a problem. Your app and its content will be found by search engines after a certain time, just like a website, and will be visited repeatedly. All content is displayed searchable and findable at Google, Bing and Co.

This is a striking difference between the apps from the store, where this is still only possible to a very limited extent.

Furthermore, users who call your app directly from your address can start using it right away and do not have to wait for an unnecessary download beforehand. This happens equally on PC's and Macs, where the App Store does not play a major role.

Users almost no longer download apps via the stores

Using an app with the help of an address reflects a clear trend among all mobile users, which are downloading few to no more apps via the previously known stores.

The majority of all users use the aforementioned search line on all their devices, which is usually directed directly to a stored search engine via the internal search.

If your app is now displayed as a result in the AppStore or Google Play, however, users usually save themselves the download, several clicks and usually an occasional login via password or fingerprint. Due to the unnecessary waiting time, users skip the result and usually resort to other results that return a faster experience of information.

Here your PWA is in great hands, because the use is immediate and without significant delay. Users can then decide on the installation on the side while using it.

This saves you and your users valuable time and has a positive effect on recurring customer contact with your company.

And so easy and intuitive, installation on smartphones like the iPhone and Android devices and desktop PCs and Mac is done in a snap.