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Loyalty & benefit card - how to reward customer loyalty sustainably


Keep your customers loyal to your products and services even in the longer term. Motivate to collect points and reward with predefined discounts or free products. Per smartphone and customer the deposited loyalty points are stored.


After filling in the fields mentioned below, the action must be started explicitly.

Description - Optionally, you can still specify a detailed description of the action. Here you can also insert prima images for better presentation and as an incentive.

Number of points required / purchases per card - This sets the number of points to be achieved. Within the app, these are represented by filled circles.

What will the user receive after reaching all points - Specify here in the form of a short description what the customer will receive after reaching all points e.g. "A free coffee".

Current four-digit PIN for validation and redemption - To redeem an authorized loyalty point, a PIN must be defined, which the employee on site must know, since the validation happens through them. The customer or user of the app should not know this PIN, as then unauthorized validation can be done by themselves. You can change the PIN at any time, even for existing actions.

Release card for use - After activation, the action will be made available to the app users. Temporarily, you can also pause the promotion over it. Customers who have already redeemed at least one point will still have access to the remaining points. Other users will only receive a hint when calling up the menu item.