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Forms - Simple, flexible and interactive


Create suitable forms for e.g. registrations, queries, requests for quotation, etc. Define the necessary texts, numbers and selection fields, including a suitable description. Determine which fields must contain mandatory information and set a recipient email.


Introductory text (optional) - Via an introductory text you give the users of the app a short explanation about the purpose of the form. For example, deposit formatted text, including images.

Required input and selection fields - A few lines are enough to define the required fields.

Descending by order, you define the fields. Starting with the field type explained below and the name of the field, one field is defined for each.

only images
Field type Meaning and usage
Simple Input One-line simple text or numbers.
NumbersExclusive input of numbers (e.g. quantity)

Select / sendAllow images to be sent directly within the app and when filling out the form. One or optionally multiple images can be selected at the same time. Depending on the smartphone and environment, images can be taken and sent along via the camera. (Requires higher app package)

selection menu Represents a choice for multiple options. To define the selection points, simply append the possible options below the field label.
Email Address Only email address input allowed. If entered incorrectly, a notice will appear within the app.

Telephone number Like field type "number" but with special characters "+,(,),/,-"

Content field without input No input field. Represents only the deposited information. This can be used to separate a section and further explanation.

Password Corresponds to the "Text" field type. All input is represented by a "*" character within the app.

Multiline input Also corresponds to the "Text" field type. Allows the input of multiline text. For example, for further remarks or special requests.

Date selection Allows convenient selection of a date.

Date including time Select the date plus a time of day via an intuitive rotary switch.

Time Select time of day only.

Toggle switch yes/no Equivalent to a switch where you can toggle between yes or no, more specifically on and off.

Select Menu (Multiple) Similar to the traditional selection menu. This only allows multiple selection at the same time.

If required, you can mark fields in question as mandatory, thus requiring input before submitting the form.

Email(s) for form responses - Completed forms will be sent to the email address(es) stored here. If this field is left blank, it will be sent to the centrally stored email address. Several recipient addresses can also be stored separated by spaces.

Automatic e-mail confirmation to sender - Customers and prospects who successfully fill out your form will receive a separate confirmation by e-mail after submitting.

Delete completed forms after submission - After filling out and submitting a form, for reasons of positive user experience, all input is cached so that it does not have to be re-entered the next time. If you do not want this for the particular form, this can be optionally disabled with it.

Procedure for use:

  1. Decide if your form needs an additional explanation. Store it above the introductory text.
  2. Define the necessary fields and give the fields a concise and short name.
  3. If the answered forms should be sent to a different email address than your centrally deposited, set an alternative address.