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Contact / Directions - The quick contact incl. navigation


To ensure that customers and prospects quickly establish contact with you, information and options for contacting you in the appropriate place are the be-all and end-all for a successful mobile app(lication)

This module summarizes the most common options and presents them clearly. In addition to the pure address, a phone number can also be stored, which can be dialed directly from the app. There is also a feedback form that can be used to send short messages

The stored address is localized in the background and a map view is then displayed within the module. Depending on the selected app package, an interactive map can also be called up. Thus, your app user can already explore your surroundings in the app. With the help of the map display, a local navigation app can also be launched at the touch of a finger.


Contact Address or Address - Add the current address of the respective head office or branch. It is sufficient to accommodate the company name, street + no. and ZIP + city in one line each.

Phone number for dialing and direct call - If your company wants to offer the possibility that users can dial a phone number directly from your app, enter a suitable phone number. You will not incur any costs when dialing. Both landline and mobile numbers can be stored.

Note! It is to be paid attention to the correct formatting. Characters such as "-" and "/" are to be omitted. In the international use of the app, the prefix "0049" is to be prefixed with Germany. Otherwise, the prefix with "0" and the number hung behind it is sufficient.

Email(s) for feedback and messages - A feedback and contact form integrated into the app allows messages to be sent directly from the app. In doing so, no additional email program is required and visitors to your app do not need to leave it. Direct sending makes it easier for potential customers to contact you. You should not do without this. Multiple recipient addresses can also be stored, separated by spaces.


For fields that are left blank, there is no representation of the function within the app. For example, if no phone number is specified, the "Direct Call" function does not appear in the app. The same applies to all other fields.