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General settings for imprint, app address and tablet support


In the basic settings you will find important settings for your company app. In addition to the title of the app, you define the internet address of the app, under which it can be reached worldwide.

The item "Information about the imprint" should be given special attention here. If your app is to send SMS messages to your customers and fans, the function can also be activated here.


Title of the app - In addition to the appearance by a personal icon, the name of your app also plays an important role. Here you specify the title of your app. This will then appear in the future under the icon on the main screen (homescreen) of the customer and within the app at the top of the title bar in the main menu. As a rule, the name of your company is recommended here.

Internet address of your app - The created mobile app is a miniature website, which is built on current web technologies. In order for your customers and fans to use the app successfully, they just need to know the address stored here and enter it in the browser of your cell phone.

Lay down an address that is as easy to remember as possible. After creating your app, a suitable address will be given after the name of your company. The address usually consists of the appendix "". This is a so-called top-level domain name, which we generally provide to all our customers.

This approach makes it easier for you to get started. Upon separate request, we will also convert your app to a domain name provided by you.

Note!After announcing the address to a larger customer base, you should not change this field, otherwise your customers will not be able to access the app.

Information about the imprint or "About us" - Since your mobile app is a website, it is required by the Telemedia Act to accommodate a provider identification on this website.

Using the button "Edit text" you deposit the necessary information. Try to be brief and do not omit anything necessary.

Allow app on tablet PCs - To support your app on current tablets, enable this button. Depending on the package selected, support may be disabled by default. If it is disabled, a tablet visitor will only go to your traditional advertising and landing page for the app.

Create displayed QR code instead of colored only in black incl. colored logo - The QR code to the app is created in regular color, so that it stands out more. However, a few scanner apps may have difficulties when scanning the codes. If this is the case, you can force the generation of a code kept black by activating it.

App on large screens on desktop PCs or Macs - By activating it, the app can also be accessed on conventional desktop PCs and Macs via modern browsers, making it executable. In addition to installing as a fixed application, it is also possible to receive push notifications.

PushPlus for smart push notifications (depending on selected package) - By activating it, you allow the delivery of direct and fast push messages to the mobile devices of your users. However, they must have previously downloaded your app for this from the Google Play or Apple AppStore, or alternatively have been launched as a web app under a modern browser.

Allow users to log in or personalize within the app - By enabling this, users can log in within the app using their email address and thus create a personal user profile. This is done entirely without a password. Individual modules thus allow the storage of settings in the future or even separate access regulations, such as for protected submenus.

Default language within the app and user emails - This allows you to set the default language in the app. The regular language of most users should be selected here. Sent emails and push notifications in the direction of the users, are also oriented to this setting.

Enable multilingualism and automatic language selection: (Function still in preparation!) After activation, the app can be used in multiple languages simultaneously. Depending on the user of the app automatically sets itself to the appropriate system language and provide in the menu items also the corresponding language content.

Aufindbarkeit at search engines under Google, Bing, Facebook etc. - Depending on the selected setting, the findability at popular search engines is determined. If the content should not appear under Google and Co. so "Hide content" is to be selected. Depending on the changed setting, it may take several days to weeks until the behavior in the search index at the search engines.