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Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - Connecting with your community


Add the, by you on social network, operated pages simply in your app. Users of the app get an overview of the activities depending on the network and can sometimes take direct action from there. In the case of Facebook, a click on "Like" is directly possible.

Update 09.2019 - Facebook no longer allows the regular readout of the content of its own fan page. For this reason, after clicking on the menu item now opens externally the Facebook page or, if necessary, directly the app.


To set up, simply select the appropriate social network. Then, all you need to do is enter the member name for Twitter or the name of the Facebook fan page, and then the module is ready to use.

TIP! If you are active in more than one network, simply create this function block a second time in your app and set up the other network in each case.

Hide foreign posts - Only your own posts are shown in the timeline on Facebook and no messages from users.

Display only relevant posts like statuses and full-fledged messages - In addition to strong Facebook posts, there are always messages for events that sometimes display differently within the app. If the view is not correct, enable this option to test.