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Submenu for further blocks incl. protection via PIN or user


This block represents a submenu. In this submenu you can accommodate other function blocks. Thus you create a basic structure for many modules and improve, among other things, the orientation within your app.


Using the item "Edit entries" you switch from the current view of the displayed building blocks to the building blocks of the submenu. As listed in the main view, the order of the building blocks is the same as how they are displayed within your mobile app.


Use the buttons shown to return to the original layer.


Inside the settings area of each building block you will find a button with the arrow pointing to the top right. Use this function to move the respective block or menu item to one of the submenus listed there. Moving blocks to the main menu is also possible with this.

Optional detailed content - Optionally, additional formatted content including images can be stored in addition to the menu items. For more information, see Individual content pages for text, images and more.

Design and Layout - As in the general design setting, a custom layout can also be selected for each submenu to display the menu items. To learn more, see Settings for design, menu layout, ...

Restricted user group - Depending on the selected package, the submenu including all subitems can be additionally protected using a PIN or user based. The PIN is valid for all users and can be changed at any time in the administration. Users only have to enter it once within the app, so that it is stored there and is only requested again if it is changed. User based restriction allows you to explicitly specify users who will be granted access.

TIP: To target a user group e.g. exclusively via push notification, you can integrate a news module within the protected submenu, where users have to explicitly agree to receive messages. This is a great way to map separate information channels.

Required short PIN - Choose a numeric PIN of any length.

Note text to facilitate PIN entry - Optionally, you can store a note that is displayed before the entry and gives the user a hint where to ask or request it, for example.

Registered users who get access - Specify here separately the users via their registered email address. In addition confirm in each case by input, so that this is deposited. Also not yet created users can be specified here ready.


The total number of function modules and submenus should be chosen carefully. It can happen very quickly that users of your app lose the overview, do not find suitable areas or the scope simply seems overwhelming.

When setting up your app, do not take over all the sub-pages of your previous website. This quickly looks very confusing.