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Survey/Vote - Matching Opinions Make Better Products


Get the opinion of your customers. Why not combine an advertising measure with a survey. So you win not only new customers but also their opinion about your product or service. To start, all you need is a description and the necessary selection fields. Subsequently, each customer can only cast one vote, so that you then receive a real opinion.


After filling in the fields mentioned below, the poll will be ready in your app. The availability of new surveys is always checked after starting the app and entering the menu item. If none is ready, a corresponding message will be displayed.

Only one poll is provided per customer and cell phone. This demonstrably leads to an undistorted and actual opinion. However, for technical reasons, this cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Detailed description - Put a detailed description of the survey. Here can be referred, for example, also notes on a subsequent registration via the form module.

Fields that are available for selection - For the definition of the necessary query fields are sufficient few lines.

Descending by order, you define the fields. To create one field at a time, they should first define a field type explained below, followed by the name of the field.

field type Meaning and usage
A selection of possible answers A choice for multiple options. To define the choice points, simply append the possible options after the field label. Here is an example:
Select your tea type:
Content field without input No input field. Represents only the deposited information. Can be used to separate a section and further explanation.

Here is a suitable example:

Information | Tell us your favorite coffee?
Selection menu | Make a choice:
               Latte Macchiato

Release Survey - By switching to "On", the survey will be made available in the app. Using "Off", you can pause or reset the action and start a new one.