Simply start mobile

1. Start playing easy!

Get started and follow the simple steps. The benefits of your app will quickly become noticeable for your brand awareness and the business or venture.

2. Include your app in all marketing activities

No matter whether local daily or trade magazines, online or offline advertising, your app deserves its place everywhere.

  • Linked discount promotions via the app guarantee more attention.
  • The novelty of an app increases the response rate even among not mobile-savvy customers and prospects.
  • The app as a trendy topic also subconsciously brings more Recommendations.

3. Expand your community and benefit from from personal recommendations

Through a community of enthusiastic customers your company and its products are convincingly passed on.

  • A newly created and maintained Facebook fan page or a Twitter channel works with young target groups.
  • Regular articles about your app bring you into the right focus.
  • Through a location-based linking of the app with Your company you will also be found on completely new Ways found.

4. Place your app in all communication

A steady drip brings you more sales. Put your app on everything that goes to the customer with a reference to your app.

  • Via a redirect to your previous Internet presence reach smartphone users directly to the app.
  • In e-mails and newsletters can be the link to your App wonderfully accommodate.
  • In customer letters, offers or invoices can be a QR code find use.
  • For brochures, flyers or brochures is the QR code equally a good choice.

5. Sustainable pays off in the end

Customers who become aware of you and like the offer, install the app permanently on their smartphone.

  • A permanent installation on the smartphone of your customers moves you closer into focus.
  • About the app icon with the company logo you will be Cell phone use always called to mind.
  • When needed again, you are accessible with one click.

Get on board today and get started with the app for your business or association. See Your benefits in a nutshell to learn more. more about the added value of a digital presence.